Copper handrail


We like to match the surrounding structure and materials if possible.  This house has copper gutters and decor, and the curve in the retaining wall.  We arched the posts so as not to obscure the steps.  The balls on the rail’s ends are of brass. 



Here’s the finished version of what elsewhere on this page is called the Inside Rail



Making an inside turn on a stair railing can be daunting.  Here’s how we managed this maneuver, while keeping within the code.

Balcony rail, aluminum


We used aluminum for ease of installation, and for its resistance to seaside oxidation.  As long as the coating is sound (here we used powdercoating), this rail will be good for years.

Vines ‘n Stairs


These vines are climbing up the stairs and to the landing above

Vines ‘n such


Knurled vines, stems, leaves and tendrils, all within the 4″ regulation spacing. 

Stainless again


Simple, unobtrusive, with no need for any maintenance, stainless steel is the best choice for on-the-beach handrails.  We core-drilled directly into the concrete steps and down into the rock.  It’d take a big storm to harm this one!

White Railing

White Rail

Here’s an example of a functioning white rail.  This was first galvanized, then primed and painted.  After 12 years, the zinc could be seen as a white, powdery substance.  So we took it down, sandblasted the paint off down to the zinc, and powdercoated it. [Read more...]

Stainless Stair Railing

Stainless Stair Rails

Here, stainless steel pipe was hand sanded and allowed to tarnish naturally.  The result is a lightly burnished bronze color.  On the beach, everything rusts, just at different speeds.

Rock Railing

Rock Rail

This newly landscaped entry needed a handrail system that would be safe, yet unobtrusive,  simple and elegant;  one of our catchphrases is, “never say no!”