Wave Art for Barn

Aluminum art for a galvanized barn

The client wanted an ocean wave on his galvanized barn, to bring the sea up to his mountain property.  We started from an enlarged  photograph of a painting, and transposed this via a grid onto a sheet of aluminum.  The individual parts were cut out with a plasma cutter and welded into workable sections, then painted and bolted into place.  Surf’s up!

Aluminum art for a galvanized barn

A touch of the ocean for a mountain retreat


Welcome to Cayucos

Welcome to Cayucos

Metal Signs Welcome You to Cayucos CA

Welcome to Cayucos metal signsThis was a fun one.  The Cayucos Chamber of Commerce had a decrepit wooden sign attached to the telephone poles outside of Cayucos to welcome people to our quaint beachside community.  The picture to the right is the sign on the outskirts of the south side of town – this sign is all stainless steel except for the blue cedar backdrop. The other image is on the north side of U.S. 1 entering Cayucos – it is fabricated from galvanized steel.

We cut the pieces with a plasma cutter and then fit each component with hoops and brackets to enable the shadow effect. Using a plasma cutter for creating metal designs is clean, effective and fast. Our sign clients, including the Cayucos Chamber of Commerce, have all been pleased with our metal signs and designs.

After 15 years, the paint was just recently re-done.  

My friend Alex Rios was the graphic artist, and Linda Brannock blessed us with her painting skills.

Metal Door Designs for Workshops

Entry Doors Metal Art

Metal Shop Door Design – Cayucos CA

Here’s the door to my metal working and welding shop in Cayucos, CA.  

Alex Rios, my compatriot of nearly a decade, designed and fabricated these. We cut the serpents and thunderbolts lengthwise from large diameter 14″ steel pipe. The metal design pieces are welded together and then bolted to the machine shop doors.

The picture you see here was taken 15 years after the decorative metal sculpture design was created and mounted on my shop doors in Cayucos.

Metal Art for Entry Doors

Entry Doors Metal Art

Unique Metal Art for Cayucos Businesses & Homes

Alex Rios, my compatriot of nearly a decade, designed and fabricated these, cutting the serpents and thunderbolts lengthwise from large diameter pipe. This metal art is on the entry doors to Beck’s Welding shop. [Read more...]

Commissioned Yard Art – Cayucos CA


Giant Tulip Yard Art on East Side of Cayucos

This giant metal sculpture tulip has withstood 15 years of Cayucos seaside weather. The client wanted something big and unique for the front yard. [Read more...]

Tulip too


Here’s the full-length, color version of an old favorite

Pipe Totem


We took a length of 10″ schedule 40 pipe, and drew a vine on it;  starting at the bottom, it winds up and around and bifurcates every few inches.  Then we cut it out with an oxyacetylene torch.  that’s the shop in the background with the lifting derrick out front.

Pizza Art

Pizza Art

The client asked for “just something to spice it up”, referring to the blank stucco wall.  Order up!

Funky Cowboy

Funky Cowboy

Carol of the Sea Shanty likes to give a free rein with her art projects.  Here she salvaged some stuff from her father’s garage, and I pulled together the gears, chain, the impeller from a pump, welded it up, and here he stands.

Porthole View of Whale Rock, Cayucos, CA

Porthole view of Whale Rock, Cayucos, CA

A porthole that would be as if one were looking through her house to the view of the ocean beyond. [Read more...]