Black Stainless Security Gates – Cayucos Residence

Black Stainless

Stainless Steel Security Gates for Cayucos Home

The owner of this home on Pacific Avenue in Cayucos asked us to manufacture and install some security gates. Keyed deadbolt locks provide the security, and the use of stainless steel would require power tools for a forced entry. Stainless steel is the best way to avoid rust streaks and deterioration, but even stainless requires preparation and painting, unless the natural tarnishing is OK.

The owner offered carte blanch on the design.  We opted to replicate the design on the wooden-and-glass entry doors for simplicity, and used 1″x1″ and 1″x2″ tubing to this effect. 

These gates have been in place for over a decade. If you need the security and beauty of custom security gates, give us a call at Beck’s Welding in Cayucos CA 805-995-1005.

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