New Stairs to the Beach (aka The Pink House)

Cayucos Beach Staircase

Replacing an old staircase from a Cayucos house down to the beach

An on-site stairs fabrication, with my welding shop close by, and all my portable welding gear in full swing. The California Coastal Commission regulations say an owner can’t wholly replace a stairway to the beach, instead the existing one must be repaired or abandoned altogether. This winding staircase on Studio Drive that winds down to the beach in Cayucos was built in the 1950′s with a single center tube and concrete steps, all of which was teetering into the sea. So first we stripped everything, leaving just the decrepit center tube.

Next, I wrapped the tube in with 316 (316 resists rust better than the more ordinary type 304) stainless flat bar and fully welded all the seams. The old tube was left in place to satisfy the “rebuild” ordinance. Wrapping it in steel provided the base we needed to anchor the new stairs to the beach to.

Then we fashioned tread pans from angle and flat bar. The center supports were beefed up with concrete and wrapped in stainless tube. Finally the whole affair was finished with kiln-dried clear heart redwood.

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