Welcome to Cayucos

Welcome to Cayucos

Metal Signs Welcome You to Cayucos CA

Welcome to Cayucos metal signsThis was a fun one.  The Cayucos Chamber of Commerce had a decrepit wooden sign attached to the telephone poles outside of Cayucos to welcome people to our quaint beachside community.  The picture to the right is the sign on the outskirts of the south side of town – this sign is all stainless steel except for the blue cedar backdrop. The other image is on the north side of U.S. 1 entering Cayucos – it is fabricated from galvanized steel.

We cut the pieces with a plasma cutter and then fit each component with hoops and brackets to enable the shadow effect. Using a plasma cutter for creating metal designs is clean, effective and fast. Our sign clients, including the Cayucos Chamber of Commerce, have all been pleased with our metal signs and designs.

After 15 years, the paint was just recently re-done.  

My friend Alex Rios was the graphic artist, and Linda Brannock blessed us with her painting skills.

New Stairs to the Beach (aka The Pink House)

Cayucos Beach Staircase

Replacing an old staircase from a Cayucos house down to the beach

An on-site stairs fabrication, with my welding shop close by, and all my portable welding gear in full swing. The California Coastal Commission regulations say an owner can’t wholly replace a stairway to the beach, instead the existing one must be repaired or abandoned altogether. [Read more...]